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DRAWings 5 Pro Digitizing Software - BONUS Edition

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Product Description

Exclusive BONUS Edition Includes:

  • DRAWings 5 Pro software installation CD
  • USB Security key
  • Import Stitch Feature
  • WIngs' modular 5 installation CD
    Includes the following modules ($3,600 Value):
    • Basic Module - $400 Value
    • Text Module - $1,000 Value
    • Text Plus Module - $800 Value
    • Connect Module - $400 Value
    • $1,800 VALUE! BONUS Edition EXCLUSIVE
      Editing & Editing Plus Modules Included
  • More than 3000 ready to use embroidery designs
  • 204 perfect clipart ready to be digitized and embroidered
  • DRAWings 5 Pro online assistance
  • DRAWings 5 Pro installation guide and Quick Reference Card
  • DRAWings 5 Pro printable manual
  • Wings’ modular online assistance
  • Wings’ modular installation guide and Quick Reference Card
  • Wings’ modular Printable manuals


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Downloadable Trial:

Product Features:

The unique development concept and the innovative features that the new DRAWings 5 Pro incorporates make it a true multi-functional software ideal for use in different business areas:

  • Graphics designing
  • Embroidery digitizing
  • Computerized quilting
  • Digital garment printing
  • Textile printing (Heat transfer printing)

Graphics Designing: The new graphics designing features of the software include the ability to add new graphics objects as clones of the first object, which combined with the Circular or Rectangular Array/Kaleidoscope tool can produce unique and beautiful designs. In addition the fully customizable workspace together with the ability to open multiple designs in tabs and move objects between them, makes the designing process even easier. Finally there is new tool that allows you to capture images from the webcam and convert them to vector artwork easily for any use.

Embroidery Digitizing: The embroidery part of the software is really enhanced with new features such us manual embroidery sequencing, auto border functionality for creating perfect "echo" effects, "Net fill" stitch type for perfect laces and filling cut fabrics, automatic image conversion to Photo-stitch and embroidery machine simulation with "slow redraw" for visualizing the embroidery process.

Computerized Quilting: Computerized quilt sector has now a new powerful friend that will upgrade quilting in the next level. The quilt decoration styles that DRAWings include will cover most quilting needs and change the way you experiencing your hobby.

Digital Garment Printing: The new technology of Digital Garment Printing is now supported from the software. You can export the improved 3D realistic embroidery preview to embroidery look images and print them on garments or any other material. Any graphics or embroidery images created from the software can become the theme of your next print work without using any other software.

Textile Printing (Heat Transfer Printing): With DRAWings you can combine embroidery with heat transfer printing. Create or load the artwork you like, print it on the fabric by using heat transfer paper and you are ready. If you want you can use your embroidery machine to embroider some parts of the design over the printed image and create a unique “eye catchy” result.

DRAWings 5 Pro is an embroidery software which will excite your creativity because it's both easy to learn and easy to use! With only a few minutes of hands-on use, it's possible for anyone -- regardless of skill level -- to produce a high-quality design. It'll be clean of wild stitches and ready to be sewn out on your embroidery machine.

Almost any clipart or photo can be imported and be instantly converted into a flawless embroidery design. That's because DRAWings 5 Pro is not static software which just converts images to stitches. The revolutionary and professional DRAWstitch technology has been incorporated into DRAWings 5 Pro to work the miracles that you'll see it perform – almost as fast as the blink of an eye.

DRAWings 5 Pro is much more than a digitizing software. It's an interactive product which almost "thinks" for you and helps release your creativity. A big plus for DRAWings 5 Pro is that it doesn't require you to keep buying expensive add-on digitizing packages as you advance in skill.

Instead of having to learn complicated production techniques, DRAWings 5 Pro does most of the work for you – almost instantly! That's because DRAWings 5 Pro is a wonderful new embroidery software created for home use at a very reasonable price, yet powerful enough for the professional shop. DRAWings 5 Pro will allow you to file your digitized images in most of the world's most popular embroidery formats.

We want you to enjoy embroidering and not agonize over perplexing software programs that plague the sewing market today. We want you to really USE DRAWings 5 Pro and enjoy doing so. Many embroidery programs are so frustrating because of their "steep-learning curve." The learning is almost endless, and you almost drown in the need for more software! So see what you've been missing and bring joy and fun back into your embroidery world with DRAWings 5 Pro. It's so easy, the other guys should be embarassed!

Here's why DRAWings 5 Pro is so powerful: It includes a portion of Wings modular, one of the world's leading professional digitizing embroidery software programs. The two programs communicate to give you professional results – even on the first try.

You can export DRAWings 5 Pro designs for further editing into Wings modular or open existing embroidery designs such as .dst. Wings modular Basic-Connect and Text-Text Plus modules are included in the DRAWings 5 Pro package. It is a full working Professional embroidering software split into modules.

Basic-Connect module is the first and most important module because contains the basic parts of the software. Basic-Connect module includes the standard interface, scaling design capabilities, simple design editing, fully functional stitch editor, image database management and all supported floppy formats. It also includes many connection abilities that allow you to connect the software with your embroidery machine.

Text- Text Plus module that is also included, gives you plenty of features related with Text and even more.

When you have created an embroidery design in DRAWings 5 Pro, you can instantly call up Wings module from the menu or by pressing the shortcut key and make any modifications you like. The original design in DRAWings 5 Pro will remain unchanged for future use.

BONUS Edition Exclusive! Editing Module Included - $1,000 Value!
With Editing module you get the ability to edit selected objects by using the mouse, change the order of the objects and create an array of a selected object or design! Also you can adjust the density of the objects and change the Satin width! You can convert Step objects to Satin objects, edit Step pattern, smooth and split stitch data objects and many more features. This module completes the editing functionality of Wings' modular giving you the power to transform any embroidery design easily, while keeping the embroidery quality high with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) that the software has!These editing capabilities can reduce the embroidery design production and help you create high quality embroidery designs with less stitches!

DRAWings 5 Pro New Feature List:

DRAWings 5 Pro now comes in one edition: the equivalent of the up to now known as “Professional Edition” of DRAWings software and reads all ".DRAW" files created from any previous version. All features and tools of the previous Professional Editions have remained intact in this new version!

  • New Auto-border tool with Satin serial and Running stitch types
  • Wings’ modular 5 embroidery software Basic-Text modules is included in the package
  • Manual embroidery sequencing with the use of Sequence manager
  • Print the artwork of the design you have created
  • Export the designs to Quilt and to DXF file formats
  • Add new objects as clones
  • Open multiple designs in tabs
  • New thread color palettes
  • Create embroidery designs by capturing images from the webcam
  • Improved embroidery image
  • Export the 3D realistic embroidery preview to embroidery look image and use it for textile printing or for promoting your work.
  • Support for newer versions of .AI vector file format.
  • Fully customizable workspace according your preferences. Adjust it once and lose no time while creating embroidery designs.
  • Slow redraw - Embroidery machine simulation Rectangular Array/Kaleidoscope
  • Convert images to photo-stitch automatically
  • Net fill embroidery type is added
  • Circular Array tool

Complete and easy–to–use, DRAWings 5 Pro offers the full creative power of a totally new designing engine that allows you to create the embroideries you want.

DRAWings 5 Pro embroidery software is ideal for small and home-based businesses but it is will also take care all real-life challenges faced in the embroidery industry – where creativity and production are often in a fine balance with deadlines and budgets.

It is so easy to use that becomes a toy in the hands of any home user that wants to create embroidery designs on any home embroidery machine.

Complete, fast and easy to use, DRAWings 5 Pro exceeds the most demanding expectations of typical small and home-based businesses:

  • Converts any vector artwork into embroidery with premium stitch quality
  • Automatically calculates embroidery parameters such as underlay, compensation, branching, thread trimming and stabilizer requirements
  • Provides real-time updates between your artwork design and stitch results

It helps you to become profitable and competitive by:

  • Creating professional quality embroidery designs in seconds.
  • Significantly reducing your digitizing costs
  • Saving money by buying vector clipart instead of stock embroidery designs
  • Offering more reliable quotes to your customers based on accurate stitch counts and 3-D material-based sewn-off images

This unique edition of DRAWings 5 Pro allows you to focus on creativity – and avoid getting stuck on the technical process of developing outstanding embroidery. You can take full advantage of instantaneous conversion without losing control.

With outstanding text options, extensive applique abilities, patterns, fill and fabric selections, DRAWings 5 Pro offers everything you need in one box. DRAWings 5 Pro can convert any bitmap into cross-stitch, greatly simplifying the design process. It does the work for you – from determining template design to stitch density. No further modules are necessary!

Through its intuitive interface, DRAWings 5 Pro can go from concept to completion without the time and expense required for traditional digitizing, making even small orders more profitable. You can control stitch direction, divide satin stitches, add sequence control to the design, and use advanced applique options along with enhanced control tools.

DRAWings 5 Pro Features:

  • NEW! Slow redraw - Embroidery machine simulation
    With the slow redraw utility you can simulate the way the design will be embroidered without having to do that on the machine. Also you have the ability to simulate your machine speed and the movement of the needle carrier.
  • NEW! New Auto-border tool with Satin serial and Running stitch types
    Addd border to imported embroidery files or to multiple selected objects easily and decorate them by choosing from hundreds of styles and patterns.
  • NEW! Print the artwork of the design you have created
    With DRAWings you have the ability to print any artwork you want on a special paper for textile printing and for promoting your company.
  • NEW! Convert images to photo-stitch automatically
    Convert any image you have to Photo-stitch with CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black) colors automatically. A step by step wizard can convert your image to photo-stitch and give you a representation of it by combining four different layers of colored satin bars. The results are great with chromatic realism on the embroidery result.
  • NEW! Circular Array tool
    Circular Array tool is a great way to create stylish design arrays easily, without losing the ability to edit the design. Any change you are making on a single object is automatically applied in the entire array.
  • NEW! Manual embroidery sequencing with the use of Sequence manager
    DRAWings now has the ability to re-sequence objects manually by using the Sequence manager. By click and dragging objects on the Sequence manager, the stitches are recalculated automatically and new embroidery sequence is created based on the changes you make.
  • NEW! Rectangular Array/Kaleidoscope
    With the advanced Rectangular array you have the ability to rotate and mirror the copies of the array without losing the ability to edit them and create easily unique designs. Also, you have the ability to create clones that will copy any transformation that you are doing on the source design.
  • NEW! Add new objects as clones
    By using this option, any created duplicate of an object is marked as a clone of the initial object. If you reshape any of the clones all other clones are reshaped too creating unique and beautiful embroidery results.
  • NEW! Net fill embroidery type is added
    With the Net fill you can create perfect laces and fill holes that where produced from cut fabric. It can be very useful for embroidery designs that are sewed on soluble material.
  • NEW! Create embroidery designs by capturing images from the webcam
    Use the webcam of your pc to capture images and convert them to Cross-stitch, Photo-stitch and standard embroidery or use it as backdrop image to create your embroidery design from scratch.
  • NEW! Includes the new Wings’ modular Version 5
    Includes: Basic, Text, Text Plus and Connect Modules with many new abilities - $2,600 Value!

Overview of DRAWings 5 PRO:

  • Convert any vector design to embroidery
    Import a Vector design to DRAWings 5 Pro or create one from scratch and convert it to embroidery design with a single click. Get professional embroidery results in no time.
  • Create any text art design and convert it to stitches
    Use any of the 1000 Fonts that are included to create your Text art designs and convert them to embroidery.
  • Make shape changes easily
    Use shaping tools that are available to change you vector design and re-embroider it. Some of the shaping tools are, Node editing, Resizing, mirroring, Weld, Trim, Intersect, Simplify, Blend, Contour, Envelope and many more!
  • Fill the embroidery designs with 6 different stitch types
    Use any of Satin, Piping, Step, Applique, Satin serial and Running stitch types to fill the embroidery designs.
  • Styles and Patterns are included
    Use Styles and Patterns to fill the shapes with artistic stitches and create unique embroidery designs.
  • Supports multiple Applique
    You can place multiple applique on the fabric and embroider deferent holding stitches for each level.
  • Convert bitmap objects to Cross-stitch designs
    Import any bitmap design in DRAWings 5 Pro and get a flawless Cross-stitch design. Now any photo you have can be embroidered as a cross-stitch design.
  • More Styles and Patterns
    353 Styles and 194 Patterns are included in the software. You can make combinations of those two and create unique embroidery designs.
  • Automatic overlapping shapes trimming
    An automatic filter is added that removes the overlapped objects, where needed, and increases the embroidery quality. Also this filter can be handled manually and allows you to use your embroidering expertise.
  • Select between different fabrics
    Select the fabric that you will embroider on and get the best possible embroidery result.
  • Automatic color matching with actual threads
    Select the thread color palette that you will actually use and get the actual thread numbers/names that you have to use.
  • Save the designs in the most common embroidery file formats
    • Wings Systems (.ngs)
    • Tajima (.dst, .dsz, .dsb)
    • SWF (.sst)
    • Pfaff (.ksm,.pcs,.pcm)
    • Happy (.tap)
    • Melco expanded (.exp)
    • Brother/Baby Lock/Bernina (.pec, .pes)
    • Husqvarna (.hus)
    • Husqvarna Viking (.vip)
    • Viking Designer 1 (.shv)
    • Janome (.jef, .sew)
    • Janome (.jef+)
    • Juki(.M3)
    • Toyota(.10O)
    • Mitsubishi HD (.1??)
    • Barudan FDR (.U??)
  • Adjust the Density of Satin, Step, Piping and Satin serial objects.
    You can easily adjust the Density of objects that are filled with Satin, Step, Piping or Satin serial stitch type and produce lighter or heavier embroidery according you needs.
  • Adjust the Compensation of Satin, Step and Satin Serial objects.
    By adjusting the Compensation of the objects you can handle better the powers that are applied on the fabric during the embroidering process.
  • Adjust the Length of stitches of Step, Piping and Running objects.
    You can adjust the length of stitches and reduce/increase the stitch count of the embroidery. In addition you can give different feel on the design using your expertise.
  • Change the Underlay of Satin, Step and Satin Serial objects
    You can select the underlay you want for each object, and stabilize the design in the way you prefer.
  • Specify the Applique Cleaning, Default Fixing and Position.
    Make your life easier with applique designs and specify when the embroidery will be placed on the design (Cleaning), which will be the holding stitches (Default Fixing) and in which position the holding stitches will be placed (Position).
  • Export embroidery image
    Users can now easily create a bitmap representation of the final stitch results which can be printed out for proofing, on garments, postcards, and used in various designs.
  • Keep sequence of overlapped objects
    By default, DRAWings 5 Pro simplifies the embroidery process by automatically stitching overlapped objects in the order they appear in the artwork.
  • Eliminates thread trims inside combined objects
    The software now gives users the option to remove all thread trims between combined objects including text.
  • Select between 8 different embroidering strategies
    Now you have the ability to select between 8 different embroidering strategies that are calculated automatically and embroider the objects on the fabric in the way you prefer. You can embroider you designs form Top to bottom, Bottom to top, Left to right, Right to Left, Small to large, Large to small, Inside to outside and Outside to inside. This tool is really important for embroidering hats which need to be embroidered from the center to right and left. Also, it is useful for delicate fabrics that need special care regarding the way that the objects will be placed on them.
  • Improved speed from “DRAW” to “stitch” tab
    The conversion of Vector/Bitmap designs to embroidery designs is now quicker. You can set stitches to your designs in seconds. The embroidery production time is now reduced even more.
  • Professional embroidery quality for everyone
    The embroidering quality has been increased even more. DRAWings 5 Pro now includes more Artificial Intelligence filters that produce better embroidery quality.
  • Offset control for Applique
    When working with Applique, users can control the offset of the tack-down stitches.
  • Offset control for Running and Satin serial objects
    Users can control the offset of running as well as Satin Serial to outlines/lineart objects and borders.
  • Direction control in Satin, Step and Piping objects
    You can change direction in Step objects to the preferred angle and give artistic feel with a shape pattern. In addition, you can add more directions to Satin/Ping objects and change the way that the object will be embroidered.
  • Divide Satin and Piping objects
    Use the divide tool to create subsections in an object and change the way that the object will be embroidered. Especially in shapes that are filled with satin you can divide them and produce subsection filled with satin bars.
  • Import stitch file
    Embroidery designs (including ngs, dsz, and pes) can now be imported and converted directly into a vector design. With this feature, users can import ready-made embroidery designs, convert them to vector designs, make desired changes, and then easily embroider them. Old designs can take life again!
  • DRAWings built-in Designer
    DRAWings 5 Pro has now been evolved to include its own built-in designer with tools that help you draw your ideas into 3D embroidery results in real time, while the software interactively regenerates all embroidery parameters! All designing tools like shapes, node editing, combining, copy/paste, and much more are now incorporated in DRAWings to provide you a quick and easy-to-use way of designing while you still have the ability to keep using your favorite graphics software.
  • “Scan To Embroidery” tool
    New scan ability that allows you with only a few clicks to scan images and either convert them directly to embroidery or use them as backdrop to manually create the design on top.
  • Built-in Auto Tracer with color adjustments
    DRAWings 5 Pro automatically recognizes the type of image (bitmap, vector) you are importing from the starting dialog and loads the Auto-tracer for every bitmap. Set the number of colors you want the embroidery design to have so as to still look close to the starting image and you are ready. Any change you make on the Auto-tracer is automatically previewed to help you improve the traced image on the fly.
  • Import Stitch files as is and edit them with new editing tools
    Import any supported stitch file inside DRAWings 5 Pro, as is, and selectively convert parts/objects of it or the entire embroidery design to editable Vector artwork. You can also leave it unchanged and simply add some text or a complete design directly in the new “Create” tab. Give life to your old designs and enhance your current ones. You will never find yourself again stuck with stitch files you cannot edit simply because you don’t have the source stitch file any more.
  • Combine stitch files with vector files inside Create tab
    Now, you have the ability to have two or more stitch files together with your vector designs inside the new “Create” tab of DRAWings 5 Pro. You can edit them, decorate them and produce a new embroidery design from the combination of various different designs. And all of these with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Manually Create your designs from scratch directly in the Create tab with backdrop or not, with 3 different DRAW tools
    Three fundamental drawing tools (Freehand, Bezier and Outline tool) are now available in the new “Create” tab of DRAWings which allow you to create designs from scratch or based on an imported backdrop. You can now draw the objects in 3D mode and view how the stitches are applied immediately. Any fine tune or change in the shape can be done directly in the Create tab of DRAWings. Traditional digitizers can take advantage of this feature and produce exactly the embroidery results they want.
  • Complete designing toolset inside the Create tab
    A complete designing toolset is now available in the Create tab of DRAWings 5 Pro to enable you to create your designs directly inside it. You can use existing shapes like Circles, Pies Trapeziums, Parallelograms, Stars, Polygons and Rectangles together with the existing transformation tools to create exactly the designs you want to embroider.
  • Complete Text toolset inside the Create tab that allows you to Add text, Add text on path, Edit text and much more!
    You can now add Text directly from within the Create tab of DRAWings 5 Pro and edit it by changing its Font type, Font size and Font style. You can even change its shape and size, place text on a path or on any shape you have created.
  • Complete editing/transformation abilities directly inside the Create tab
    Any transformation you need to do can be made directly inside the Create tab. You can Re-order, Move, Resize, Repeat your transformations, Delete or Add new objects and view the effect of your transformations without having to switch from tab to tab.
  • Ability to Align, Distribute and Auto size objects
    Object Alignment abilities are available from within the Create tab which allow you to make accurate adjustments to your design. You can also set objects to have equal distances between them by distributing them automatically on the working area. Additionally, you can make sides of objects or entire objects to have the same size with only a single click of the mouse.
  • Ability to Resize, Skew, Rotate and Mirror designs inside theCreate tab
    By using the mouse inside the Create tab of DRAWings 5 Pro you can easily Resize, Skew, Rotate and Mirror any object or even entire designs, without having to switch between tabs.
  • Ability to Group, Ungroup, Combine and Break apart
    Organize your objects by Grouping and Ungrouping them inside the Create tab to make your designing work easier and more effective. You also have the ability to combine different objects and make them parts of a single object or vice versa, by Breaking Combined objects apart. By Combining Objects you can create holes and new shapes.
  • Ability to Intersect, Weld and Trim objects inside the Create tab
    Create any shape you can think of inside the Create tab by Welding, Trimming or Intersecting objects with a single click of the mouse. These tools can also help you edit your designs by welding many smaller objects to one larger and remove unnecessary stitches under overlapping objects.
  • Managing colors inside the Create tab
    You can now set/change colors inside the Create tab of DRAWings 5 Pro and make any color adjustments you want. Define your own colors or use any one from the existing thread color palet
  • 3D vector/embroidery designing abilities
    Draw your Vector/Embroidery designs directly in 3D mode inside the new Create tab. DRAWings 5 Pro is one of the few 3D designing software in the world which incorporates the latest technology innovations.
  • Copy and Paste inside the Create tab and inside other instances (new frames) of the software
    Duplicate the designs you are creating by Copying and Pasting them directly inside the Create tab or other instances (new frames) of DRAWings 5 Pro. You can also use this ability to Paste designs from other designing software and convert them to stitches. Therefore any design from any software can become part of your design within DRAWings 5 Pro.
  • Complete Hoop designer including the most popular hoops of the market.
    A complete list of hoops is now included to help you confirm in advance whether the design you are creating can fit inside a certain hoop that you plan to use. You can also create and use custom hoops based on your machine’s accessories
  • Use Guidelines, the Ruler and Grid inside the Create tab for accurate shape transformations and new shape designing
    Tools that will make you draw your designs easier are also added in the new Create tab of the software. You can add Guidelines or enable the Grid and the Ruler to help you draw new shapes or make accurate changes to your designs.
  • More selection abilities inside the Stitch tab for easier embroidery changes
    Select by color, by stitch type and by overlapping order are only a few of the new selection abilities that have been added to help you make multiple changes on the embroidery design you are creating.
  • Use the New Symbol library and convert any symbol to perfect embroidery inside the Create tab
    Use the Create tab to Insert Symbols that will automatically and easily be converted to embroidery. All Symbols that come with your installed Fonts can be used as clipart and be added to your design through the Insert Symbol function.
  • Complete Node/Shape editor inside the Create tab
    A complete and powerful Node/Shape editor has been included in the Create tab of DRAWings 5 Pro. With the Node editor you can easily reshape any object of your design and view how these changes affect the embroidery, instantly.
  • Embroidery quality enhancements together with a new fabric category.
    Embroidery quality has been even further enhanced and a new Fabric category has been added for smoother embroidery results.
  • 3D realistic preview with editing abilities
    A new 3D engine has been created to allow you to create entire embroidery designs directly in 3D mode.
  • Ability to export your artwork from the Create tab to vector file (svg file)
    Any embroidery design that is created inside the Create tab also consists of a vector design artwork that can be individually exported to SVG file format for future use. Therefore, you can separate your artwork from the embroidery design whenever you want.
  • DRAWings 5 Pro makes use of the new Multi-core processors abilities.
    Therefore DRAWings 5 Pro offers you faster calculation of the various parameters and almost instant regeneration of your designs.
  • Works as a complete stand-alone embroidery designing software.
    DRAWings 5 Pro includes a complete built-in designer and can effectively be used as a standalone application, as it includes everything you need to create and edit your embroidery designs. At the same time it allows you to continue working with your favorite graphics design software.
  • Intelligent auto-backup system
    Auto-backup system re-loads the design you were working on if something goes wrong.
  • 200 vector designs optimized for embroidery and 3000 embroidery desings are included in the package.

Wings Modular Version 5 Overview:

Includes: Basic, Text, Text Plus and Connect Modules - $2,600 Value!

Includes many useful embroidery abilities and communicates directly with DRAWings 5 Pro. Inside Wings’ modular 5 you have stitch editing abilities, combine embroidery designs by copy and pasting parts of different designs, re-sequence objects, use Pre-digitized fonts to add text on path or inside envelope, change entry and exit points of a design, adjust advanced embroidery parameters such as Density, Underlay, Fix and Lock stitches, change Corner style, adjust compensation, add half pitch compensation, variable pitch on stitch objects and more. In addition Wings’ modular “Basic” module comes with more than 3000 free embroidery designs.

Basic Module Details: Designed to provide industry professionals with a tool for viewing, modifying and exchanging embroidery design files; it is based on entry-level viewing and editing software used in the embroidery industry with the additional of some innovative features and functions.

Basic module provides the following tools:

  • Database functions
    Allow you to search your hard disk drive for embroidery file formats; view and read them; make changes and insertions (see below) and save them into format for your archive and export them into the major embroidery machine formats. The results can be e-mailed, printed or saved.
  • Viewing digitized designs
    Allows you to view the design; run through it stitch-by-stitch; look at embedded objects and simulate actual embroidery by seeing the design in 3-D against a variety of fabric and colored backgrounds.
  • Make changes or notes
    Allows you to make notes for a design on anything relevant to the sampling or production; allows you to insert or delete machine functions such as stops and thread trims; change a design's starting and finishing points and also group or ungroup objects inside a design.
  • Design and review thread colors
    Color Manager allows you to view and change the colors used by each needle; it also allows you to build your own custom colors and palettes as well as choose from the extensive range of thread companies color tables.
  • Production and materials management
    Design Information menu provides details for the amount of thread used in each design, allows you to calculate the machine time needed for production and - through the Thread Usage Calculator - calculate the exact amount of thread needed to complete your production order.
  • Editing Abilities
    In modular Basic you can change the special functions of the design, Rotate, Scale, Array (repeat) or Remove small stitches from the Current design, use Auto-density adjustment of the resized parts, Delete or Move parts of the design, Move, Delete or Insert stitches in the current design, re-arrange objects and produce the embroidering sequence you prefer.

Text Module Details:

Text module provides the following tools:

  • While creating a new design you can adjust the following:
    Limits of the design: You can set the width and height of the working area where the limits of the design will be.
    Template: In this field you can select the template that the new design will be based on.
    Backdrop: You can add the image file you wish as a backdrop or select one of the existing.
  • Edit Backdrop properties: With this option you can change the parameters of the backdrop that you are using.The backdrop can be any of the known bitmap or vector images and can be added on the design when you are creating it or later.

    The backdrop properties are the following:
  • Lightness values: In this section you can change the Brightness, the Gamma and the Contrast of the selected backdrop. 
  • Auto-snap in digitize: When this option is enabled the cursor snaps on the vectors or the colors changes of the backdrop 
  • Enable selection: When this option is enabled, the backdrop can be selected as a normal object of the design and you can resize or move or as you wish. 
  • Backdrop is visible: When this option is enabled, the backdrop is visible in the current design. Use in 3D-Preview: When this option is enabled, the backdrop can be viewed while you are in 3D-Preview. 
  • Delete: You can delete the selected backdrop. 
  • Apply: You can preview the changed properties immediately without having to apply them actually.

    You can, also, add a backdrop in an existing design or in a design that you have created. The loaded backdrop will be added on the center of the current design.
  • Join Text Objects: With this option you can unite Text objects as one object. In this case the program automatically recognizes the closest or the connecting points of the sections in order to create the object and make the branches.
  • Insert special functions: The special function can be used in stitch mode and gives the opportunity to add a special function between two stitches. In this case the object containing these two stitches will be split in two objects.
  • Transform selected objects by creating copy or not: You can duplicate any text object or the entire design and make any transformations you want.
  • Move selected object with mouse or with specific number input: You can move any selected object with the mouse or by entering specific values with accuracy of millimeters. Useful tool for keeping specific distances between objects.
  • Rotate selected objects: You can rotate selected objects clockwise or anti-clockwise by simply specifying the number of degrees!
  • Scale selected objects, proportional or not: With the scaling functionality that is included you can change the size of the selected object(s) or all the current design. More specifically, you can scale the selected object(s) as a percentage of the current size by increasing or decreasing it. Also, you can scale the selected object(s) by specifying the size. The above scaling abilities can be applied proportionally. Proportional scaling option gives you the opportunity to change the size of the selected object(s) by keeping the same analog between the horizontal and the vertical size of them. Therefore when the “Proportional scaling” parameter is on, and one of the dimensions of the selected objects is changed, automatically the other dimension will be changed with the same percentage.
  • Mirror the selected objects Horizontal or Vertical: You can mirror any object by using the mouse or by specifying the axis you want to be based the mirroring.
  • Array selected objects: The Array tool is useful when you want to make many copies of your design or of a selected text object. With the tool you can specify how many vertical and horizontal copies do you want, the spacing between horizontal and vertical copies and if you want to keep the colors together. Wings’ modular according to your adjustments displays the number of copies you have specified in perfect alignment. All the new copies can be edited as the original embroidery design.
  • Text Input and Edit: More than 50 pre-digitized fonts available for Satin - Piping - ZigZag: This module includes more than 50 pre-digitized fonts that are specially created for Wings’ modular. These fonts are available in three different stitch types: Satin, Piping and Zig-Zag. You can use them to produce high quality embroidered letters.
  • True type Font conversion to Running and Satin serial for border: The Text module can automatically convert any true type font to Running and Satin serial. It recognizes automatically the borders of each letter and fills them with stitches.
  • True type Font conversion to Step, Satin and Zig-Zag for filled areas: The Text module can automatically convert any true type font to Step, Satin and Zig-Zag. Each letter is recognized from the program and handled differently, in order to be filled with stitches. In each case the program sustains high quality embroidery results.
  • Style, Script and Size specification: In the text that will be entered you can adjust the style(normal, bold, italics), the Scrip(western, central European, Hebrew etc.) and Size specifications.
  • Placement of the text by line and arc also by fixing the length or symmetrical: You can easily place text in Wings’ modular either on a straight line or on an arc. You can also set the exact length the inserted text you want to be or set it to be symmetrical.
  • Escapement on Text: With this parameter you can rotate every character of the text you have added. You can specify the rotation of the characters in degrees on any new text object or on any existing text object.
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment: You can align any text object vertically and horizontally.
  • Space adjustment between the characters, words or lines: You can adjust the distance between characters, words, or lines. Therefore you have functionality of a text editor inside an embroidery software!
  • Place Text on a Path: You can place text on many different paths. In any text object you can enter a path from a list of existing editable paths.
  • Transform Text by envelope: You can place text in many different envelope shapes. You can choose between 4 -point and 8-point editable envelope shapes. Your text object fit to the envelope shape you have chosen while modular recalculates stitches of the changed shape object.

Text Plus Module Details: This module adds extra Text embroidery features to Wings’ modular! You can create Text embroidery designs with any True Type font installed in your computer! Also, a new feature named “Name Drop” is added, which is an easy way of creating multiple designs with different names!

Text Plus module provides the following tools:

Name Drop: the easiest way to create multiple designs with different names

  • Write the names that you want to be embroideredCreate or load the name list you wish
  • Add or remove the names you wish from the list of names
  • The names can be created in separate or in the same design
  • In case that the current design has also other objects you can specify if they will be copied or not
  • Create Name Drop as array by specifying the Columns, the Rows and the Horizontal or vertical space
  • Arrange the Horizontal alignment of the text

Convert all the available TrueType Fonts installed in your computer to Satin, Zig Zag or Piping

  • The parameters of these fonts can be be changed (e.g. density or underlay)
  • Also symbols can be converted to Satin, Zig Zag or Piping

Connect Module Details: This module contains all modular’s connection tools and is an important module for those who want to connect their computer directly with their embroidery machine or import/export to an 8-channel tape and memory boxes.

Connect module provides the following tools:

Connection tools

  • Serial connection with Embroidery machines: Tajima - SWF - KSM - PFAFF - TOYOTA - Happy
  • Connection with Memory Box
  • Possibility to create your own Plug-ins for export or import.

Import (read) 8-channel tape:

  • You can specify the correct format of the tape
  • You can specify the distance which above two objects will be split
  • You can specify the way that the stops will be read
  • You can specify if the commands Slow/Fast will be detected
  • You can specify the number of jumpstitches which will be interpreted as a cut
  • You can specify if the double stops command will be detected
  • You can specify if the Slow/Fast or the Sequin command for ZSK will be detected
  • You can read again the last tape (without needed to be put on the reader) in order to change the import parameters

Punch (write) an 8-channel tape:

  • You can specify the maximum stitch length
  • You can specify the number of the jumpstitches which will be interpreted as a cut
  • You can export your design to DXF (AutoCAD) format

Set tablet reference point

  • With this tool you can configure your tablet.

Why to buy DRAWings 5 Pro

  • Create professional quality embroidery designs in a matter of seconds
  • Set up your in-house embroidery design service at a very affordable price
  • Convert embroidery designs even quicker with new styles and patterns that give artistic touch to ordinary embroideries.
  • Save more money by buying vector cliparts instead of stock embroidery designs
  • Use any of the 50 Pre-digitized fonts that you will find inside Wings' modular to produce perfect text art designs.
  • Convert your photos to flawless cross-stitch embroidery designs automatically and gain time and money.
  • Even better embroidery quality that requires minimum editing from you.
  • Embroider multiple applique at once and control the offset of tack-down stitches.
  • Import your embroidery designs inside DRAWings 5 Pro, edit them, add Text or combine them with other designs and get a totally new embroidery result.

DRAWings 5 Pro Embroidery software package is a complete graphic designing and embroidery software. It includes all the software you will need for the embroidery creation life cycle, starting from the creation of the graphic design and ending with the embroidery on the fabric. It is the best solution for any home embroiderer and for everyone that is in the embroidering industry.

What's Included:

  • DRAWings 5 Pro software installation CD
  • USB Security key
  • Import Stitch Feature
  • WIngs' modular 5 installation CD
    Includes the following modules ($3,600 Value):
    • Basic Module - $400 Value
    • Text Module - $1,000 Value
    • Text Plus Module - $800 Value
    • Connect Module - $400 Value
    • $1,800 VALUE! BONUS Edition EXCLUSIVE
      Editing & Editing Plus Modules Included
  • More than 3000 ready to use embroidery designs
  • 204 perfect clipart ready to be digitized and embroidered
  • DRAWings 5 Pro online assistance
  • DRAWings 5 Pro installation guide and Quick Reference Card
  • DRAWings 5 Pro printable manual
  • Wings’ modular online assistance
  • Wings’ modular installation guide and Quick Reference Card
  • Wings’ modular Printable manuals

DRAWings 5 Pro is Windows Vista and Windows 7 Compatible


System Requirements:

DRAWings 5 Pro is Windows Vista and Windows 7 Compatible

DRAWings 5 Pro is quite a powerful software! It uses high end technology in order to provide you best quality in embroidery! It includes a 3D rendering engine that creates actual previews of the embroidery designs. This is a revolutionary technology in embroidery software that helps the user work faster and more efficiently while editing embroidery designs in near reality preview.

Minimum system requirements:

  • CPU: 1,5 GHz Intel or AMD 32-bit (x86) processor
  • RAM: 512 MB of RAM
  • Hard disk: 800 MB of free uncompressed space
  • CD-ROM: 4x
  • Graphics card: 3D AGP accelerator with DirectX 9.0c, 32-bit color, and at least 64MB of RAM
  • Monitor Resolution: 1024x768 32bpp
  • O/S: Windows 2000 / XP / Media Center / Tablet PC / Vista / Windows 7
  • Ports: 1 Free USB port (V1.0 or V2.0) for USB Security key

Recommended system requirements:

  • CPU: 2+ GHz Intel or AMD 32-bit (x86) processor
  • RAM: 1 GB of RAM
  • Hard disk: 800 MB of free uncompressed space
  • CD-ROM: 32x
  • Graphics card: 3D PCI express accelerator with DirectX 9.0c compatible drivers and at least 128MB of RAM
    (GeForce4 / Radeon 9600 or newer)
  • Monitor Resolution: 1280x1024 monitor resolution
  • O/S: Windows XP (with SP2 or later), Vista Home Premium, Windows 7Ports: 1 free USB portPrinter: Windows-compatible Laser-inkjet printer.

Genuine Software Guarantee

  • We only distribute genuine software (not pirated or burned copies) so you will be entitled to support from the manufacturer should the need arise.


We are an authorized DRAWings dealer.

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