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We are a different kind of online retailer. We take great pride in offering the absolute best quality products that are a great value and we work very hard to be an expert for every product we offer. We don't just carry any old product just to be able to "make a sale", it takes allot for a product to be approved to be sold on our website. We always want our customers to know that they can shop in total confidence when purchasing from InternetSalesUSA.com

Since technology is ever-changing and progressing in our industry, it is important for InternetSalesUSA.com to stay at the forefront of all the latest innovations and offer customers the most up-to-date selection on high quality goods. All of our products are hand selected from reputable and reliable manufacturers. When selecting the products we offer we look for several key factors, first the product needs to be reliable, second the product must be easy to learn and use, and finally the product needs to be a good value and offer you the most for your money. As retailer, we understand the importance of selling high quality goods and balancing this with a dedicated and supported customer experience. Customers are our number one priority. We believe that creating the best buying experience is the key ingredient in creating happy customers. If our customers are not happy, we are not happy. At InternetSalesUSA.com we will never cut corners on quality or service!

We are MUCH more than just price. We ask that you keep several things in mind when comparing prices because at other retailers the product's actual "to your door" price may be quite different than the price you see listed online.

1. Does the product include shipping charges?
Most of our product prices include shipping, where a lower price you might find may not include shipping charges and the price will go up once you add in the shipping charges thus increasing the actual "to your door" price

2. Is the purchase Tax Free?
We do not charge sales tax on orders for customers outside the state of Florida. Most lower prices you might find will also have sales tax added to them again increasing the product's actual "to your door" price.

3. Does the product include a FREE 5 Year Extended Support Plan?
All of our eligible products include a 5 Year CarePak Extended Support Plan. Which provides you with around the clock support for your product. Most retailers attempt to sell you an extended warranty which again increases the product's actual "out the door" price and these extended warranties that they will attempt to sell you do NOT include expert support. They are usually a third party warranty company that knows nothing about the actual product, they only know how to get out of assisting you. Our expert technicians are always standing by waiting to assist you and get you up and going in as little time as possible!

4. Do they actually have the product in stock?
Most retailers do NOT stock the products they sell. They order them as needed when an order comes in. This practice known as "drop shipping" will drastically increase the delivery time and possibility for problems such as an incorrect product being shipped  or  damaged products. We are one of the very few retailers that actually stocks all the products we sell. This puts us in control of your order and gives us the capability of shipping your order within minutes of getting it. Also we visually inspect every box for possible damage and this greatly reduces the chances of you getting a faulty or damaged product. Also many other retailers will attempt to "lure" you in with a low price and then once you place your order they will try to substitute or switch your order to something totally different in an effort to just get an order. We believe in giving our customers what they want. You would be amazed at how many calls we get everyday from customers asking if we have a certain product in stock as they had placed an order with another retailer only to find our several days later that they did not even have the product. All the products we list on our website we have in stock and ready to ship. If we don't have it we take it off of our site, it is as simple as that.

5. Will they be in business tomorrow?
Everyday we see many companies in our industry come and go. However one thing remains constant and that is InternetSalesUSA.com. We have been in business for over 40 years and plan to be here for many more! You always get your best quality service from your selling dealer. So it is sometimes a shame when we see consumers that purchased from a dealer that went out of business and had a "fire sale" just to dump their inventory and now have no where to turn for help. We always believe in the saying "The bitterness of low quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

6. Do they know the products they sell?
We DO! We are a dedicated internet retailer. Unlike many  retailers that simply "dabble" in the internet business, we are a full fledged internet company. We know how to service the internet customer, with fast shipping, online support and low prices. You will never hear "Sorry, we were busy in the store and could not get around to assisting you" as you might hear from other retailers. Also we know when you place an order, you want the item fast! So this is why we are constantly praised for our lightening fast shipping. You will never hear "allow 4-6 weeks for shipping" from us! We ship most orders within minutes of getting them, so on average most orders will arrive to your door in only 3 business days. We have been in our industry for over 40 years, so we know our stuff when it comes to  the products we offer. This is how we "Reinvent The Customer Experience!".

You are probably wondering how we can offer competitive pricing as well as offer outstanding expert support and still be in business, right?


Our competition may give various excuses as to why their prices are higher than ours. Excuses are for people looking for reasons not to succeed. Well we would like to share with you how we are able to offer lower prices than our competitors.


We have been in business for over 40 years. We own our own state-of-the-art facility, stock everything we sell and when it comes to the providing the best value, support and customer service to internet customers, "We Reinvent The Customer Experience".


During these tough economic times it is important to not only get the lowest possible price but also top quality expert support. Sometimes with other retailers you might have to sacrifice after-sale support to get the best price or pay a higher price to get proper support.
We are pleased to be able to give our customers BOTH, a competitive price as well as our outstanding expert support.


First of all,
we run a tight ship. We choose our products and promotions carefully and ensure every advertising dollar pays for itself; we streamline our systems and billing processes; we don't have any frills (like the $5,000.00 office chairs or expensive vacations of some of the now bankrupt dot-coms) and don't use six inches of tape when three inches will do. It is the small things that can sometimes add up and allow us to offer better support and value.


we're straight shooters. There are no tricks in what we do, just good, old-fashioned, reliable business principles.


we are a "green" company. This means that we use the latest energy efficient technologies (low cost fluorescent lighting, battery operated forklifts and recycled shipping materials). Not only are these methods better for our environment, it also helps us save money to pass the savings on to our customers.


What's the end result of all this? Well, we're happy to tell you that we're a small but profitable company that expects to be in business for many years to come.
All this, of course, is due to value-conscious customers like you. Thank you!


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Our expert sales team will be glad to assist you before you place your order with any questions you have about our products and company.

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Our expert support team will be glad to assist you with the following requests which are handle exclusively through email.

  • Product support and assistance
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  • Order discrepancies

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Note: We answer every email, if you do not get a reply in a prompt manner, please check your "bulk" or "spam" mail folder.